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LED Lighting In Port Terminals

LED lighting in port terminals

Source: PortSEurope
London, United Kingdom (PortSEurope) February 15, 2021 – In spite of the financial repercussions of COVID-19, we are still seeing substantial investment in the automation of global ports and terminals, Rory McBride, Maritime Manager – Americas at Midstream Lighting, a designer and manufacturer of advanced, best-in-class LED lighting solutions for the aviation, sports, maritime industries, wrote in the gCaptain web portal story. Maritime research and consulting
services company Drewry forecasted that while port investment is set to decline, as a result of the pandemic, leading operators are predicted to continue investing in terminal automation. Credit rating agency Fitch recently stated that port congestion issues caused by the pandemic may trigger greater uptake of port automation.  There is no shortage of improvements to existing technologies in shipping in recent decades: ECDIS for navigation, wake-equalising ducts for screw propellers, or bulbous bows for hulls. Those technologies need not be radical to ensure payback – take LEDs (light-emitting diode), for example. Every port has to be well lit. It’s a legal and insurance requirement, and yet it remains under-appreciated. Many ports still use economically and environmentally adverse lighting solutions, such as high-pressure sodium, metal halide, or other similarly dated technologies.  A metal halide lamp will deliver a high lumen output in the short term, it will typically lose around 20% of its lumen output in the first six months, while still consuming 100% of the energy. Similarly, a high-pressure sodium system will provide poor colour rendering for your CCTV systems as well as being equally costly to maintain. By contrast, LED lighting delivers superior visibility due to the light clarity, increasing light levels by up to and above 50%, which increases port and terminal safety and security, and offers huge environmental benefits. LED lighting reduces port and terminal energy consumption by over 70%, minimises light pollution and, due to its durability, reduces waste. Fenix Marine Services’ lighting upgrade, at the Port of Los Angeles in 2020, to support its goal of becoming one of the most environmentally friendly terminals in the world, is a prime example of LED lighting paying dividends. From the installation of 906 of our LED lights – a reduction of 10% on their previous setup – FMS is now saving 2.8 million Kwh/year. The economic payback from this would provide enough savings to purchase an RTG crane every two years.  Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021

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