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Port Authority Of A Coruña Details Green Port Project

Port Authority of A Coruña details Green Port project

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of A Coruña held an ordinary session this morning in which the chairman, Martín Fernández Prado, reported on the new impetus given to the Green Port project with the project presented by Enerfín to build a green hydrogen plant in Punta Langosteira, as well as the green hydrogen plant in Punta Langosteira, and progress made in the
railway link and the railway link and the situation of the transformation process of the docks – June 29, 2021 Among the items on the agenda, the 2020 accounts and the audit report were approved, and the green light was given to two modifications in two concessions of the inner harbour. Fernández Prado emphasised that, following Inditex’s request to install three wind turbines at Langoste to produce renewable energy, with an investment of 30 million euros, Enerfin presented a project to set up a green hydrogen plant. This is a very important step”, he said, “as Enerfin plans to generate hydrogen in the port itself and distribute it both to the port companies as well as to those of the metropolitan area”. This maintains the objective of the Outer Harbour becoming the first in Spain to become 100% self-sufficient in renewable energy and to contribute to the energy transition of its surroundings. According to the project of Elecnor’s subsidiary, the plant, called “GREEN H2 Langosteira”, will be operational in 2023 and will produce hydrogen by means of electrolysis from water molecules and electricity of renewable origin, generated on-site, and will have a refuelling station for hydrogen vehicles. The installation, according to the company itself, positions the Outer Harbour as one of the first ports in Europe to integrate a generation plant and a refuelling generation plant, leading to an important reduction in greenhouse gas in the emission of greenhouse gases. The initiatives of Inditex and Enerfín are joined by those of other leading companies who have also announced that they are joining the Green Port, while at the same time addressing the expansion of their facilities, such as Repsol, TMGA, Galigrain and Pérez Torres. The oil company is also making progress in the construction of the polyduct that will Langosteira with the Refinery, with the aim of transferring the unloading of crude oil in August 2022. The councillors approved the 2020 accounts, which confirm the economic forecasts already made as a result of the economic forecasts already advanced as a result of the fall in traffic due to the health crisis, as well as the decarbonisation of the economy and the situation of the electro-intensive industries. Mobility restrictions, as well as the disappearance of coal due to the closure of Meirama, caused traffic to fall last year by 22%. last year, in the same way as occurred in other ports with similar characteristics to that of A Coruña. As a result, revenue fell from 28.8 million euros in 2019 to 22.2 million in 2020, which meant that the accounts for the year were closed with a loss of 5.8 million euros, despite the fact that operating costs were reduced. The accounts are accompanied by a report from the Intervención General de la Administración de Estado (IGAE). The body, which reports to the Ministry of Finance, issued an unqualified technical opinion on the accounts although it once again the uncertainty suffered by the Port Authority due to the fact that it has not received the expected income from the land of the inner harbour. inland. The State’s intervention stresses that the measures to solve the financing of the Port Authority have still not been the financing of the Port Authority, despite the fact that, as is reflected at the end of the annual accounts, in the first months of 2021, meetings were held between the administrations to refocus the development of the land, its viability and impact on the development of the land, its viability and its impact on the financial sustainability of the institution in A Coruña. Concessions In the chapter on concessions, the councillors approved two modifications concerning the inland port. They authorised the extension for ten years of the term of TMGA’s concession on the West Centenary quay, dedicated to the movement of general, so that it will be extended until 2036. In addition, the extension of the surface area used by Fomento de Iniciativas Náuticas in As Ánimas, in order to incorporate 147 square metres that will facilitate the use of these facilities, and the adjoining facilities of the Real Club Náutico, by the users of both entities. In his report, the president of the Port Authority alluded precisely to the situation highlighted by the IGAE, indicating that there has been a stalemate in the talks initiated to find a consensual solution for the transformation of the docks. Fernández Prado recalled that the Xunta has so far presented the only concrete proposal, with time frames, with deadlines and a contribution of more than 20 million euros, which guarantees the continuity of the Batería and Calvo Sotelo docks in public ownership. The City Council of A Coruña has neither supported this proposal nor, for the moment, has it has neither supported this proposal nor so far put forward other viable alternatives. Progress on the rail link With respect to the railway link, he pointed out that the Port Authority, ADIF and and Puertos del Estado have made progress in the supervision of the technical project and in the the agreement that will regulate its execution, once the Government has guaranteed the allocation of European Next Generation. The three agencies are working to speed up the many procedures that are necessary for the work to be put out to tender as soon as possible in the autumn. Finally, the forthcoming return of cruise traffic was reported. The Port is prepared to receive the transatlantic ships again with all the health guarantees and the protocols indicated by the Government. Applications have already been received for this summer, which will be finalised in the near future, and very good forecasts for 2022. With a view to the second half of 2021, a recovery in freight and passenger traffic is forecast, in line with passenger traffic and the improvement in the health situation after the covid year. This, together with an increase in revenues from the expansion of the concessioned surface area, will enable the year to close with a better financial result than in 2020. Fernández Prado reminded the audience that the Port Authority and the operating companies maintain different lines of work with the aim of attracting new traffic, in the new new traffic, in the new context of the energy transition, but he stressed that it is still essential to that even so, it is essential to reach an agreement with all the administrations in order to solve the to solve the Port Authority’s financial plan. Interruption due to a fire on a ship The Council, which had begun at 12 noon, was interrupted for more than an hour by a fire on a ship berthed at the East quay. The president and director of the Port Authority, the maritime captain and other councillors went to the scene of the incident to follow the extinguishing work and to adopt the necessary measures depending on the evolution of the fire. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de A Coruña (APC – A Coruña Port Authority)

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