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Port Authority Of Elefsina Visited By The Head Of The Thematic Sector Of Shipping And Island Policy

Port Authority of Elefsina visited by the Head of the Thematic Sector of Shipping and Island Policy

Athens, Greece (PortSEurope) December 2, 2021 – The Port Authority of Elefsina (OLE) SA has been visited by the Head of the Thematic Sector of Shipping and Island Policy, Konstantinos Tromboukis, and met with the CEO OLE, Apostolos Kamarinakis, and executives of the port authority. Elefsis port is located about 20 km northwest of Piraeus. The main harbour serves dry bulk and general cargo ships,
while oil tankers and LPG carriers visit Elefsis Refinery. Other calls are for repair, maintenance and dry docking at Elefsis Shipyards. Tromboukis presented the multi-faceted project implemented in the last two years in the port with the aim of modernizing the port infrastructure of the region, as well as the new, with a horizon of 25 years, master plan of the port. Referring to the dynamics and the role of Elefsina in the development of the combined freight transport sector, Kamarinakis said: “the port of Elefsina is the largest public commercial port for the movement of bulk cargo in Attica and operates in addition to Piraeus, where it is not transported. Despite the problems created by the pandemic in the field of shipping, Elefsina continues to provide seamless port services to serve the market”. He added that in the jurisdiction of port authority includes a geographically extensive coastline of about 65 km, from Skaramagka in Haidari to Pachi Megaron, along which large industrial units, refineries, shipyards are active, while there are many ports.  The project implemented by the port has as main actions: the modernization of the services of the port of Elefsina to enhance its commercial activity as well as the organization of ports;the support of cultural activities in cooperation with Elefsina 2023 – Cultural Capital of Europe;the protection of the marine environment in accordance with the international regulations of modern shipping;the tourist promotion of the wider region of Western Attica with the construction of the new maritime connection “Sacred Sea Road”; Topics discussed included: Preparation of the new master plan of the port of Elefsina.Memorandum of Cooperation O.L.E. SA – DESFA SA for the transport of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) through the port infrastructure of Elefsina.Memorandum of Cooperation O.L.E. SA with Elefsina 2023-European Capital of Culture, for hosting events in areas of the Land Port Zone Limenas (HZL), under the responsibility of O.L.E. SA.Laying of the new maritime connection Piraeus-Elefsina, the so-called “Holy Sea Road”, which is a new tourist-cultural destination and basis for development and promotion of the wider region of Western Attica.Removal of shipwrecks that have burdened the Gulf of Elefsina for a number of years. Ο.Λ.Ε. SA has succeeded in the final removal of nine shipwrecks, from April 2020 until today.Cooperation O.L.E. SA with industrial units operating in the area, in the context of corporate social responsibility.Completion of the process of granting large areas of HZL to the local government.Initiatives for the protection of the marine environment and participation in electricity projects with renewable energy sources and cold ironing.Memorandum of Cooperation O.L.E. SA with the University of West Attica, which gives the opportunity to students to do their internship in the port of Elefsina. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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