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Port Of Barcelona Handleed 3.2 Million TEU Up To November, Up 21.6%

Port of Barcelona handleed 3.2 million TEU up to November, up 21.6%

Source: Barcelona Port
Barcelona, Spain (PortSEurope) December 16, 2021 – Total container traffic at the Port of Barcelona between January and November 2021 was 3.2 million TEUs, an increase of 21.6%, compared with the same period in 2020. It is worth highlighting the good performance of full containers, both import and export, which increased by 16.4% and 11.8% respectively. These are very positive figures because they reflect the
good work being done by the productive fabric of the Port of Barcelona’s hinterland. Transhipment also sees positive results, with an increase of33.3% in the case of full containers. With regard to total goods traffic, the Port of Barcelona has added 60.9 million tonnes up to November.million tonnes, a figure that represents an increase of 13.9% over the same period in 2020. During the first eleven months of the year, the Port has registered more than 4 million tonnes of bulk solids, an increase of 10.9%. Common salt, which was up by 437%, and potash (+21.8%) are two of the products that have contributed most to these results. On the other hand, terminals specialised in bulk liquids have handled 11.4 million tonnes of goods up to the month of November, a fall of 2%. This negative result is mainly due to the behaviour of natural gas and petrol. However, bulk liquid traffic is gradually recovering month by month, with products such as fuel oil (31.3%) or biofuels (36.1%) that have recorded significant increases. Vehicle traffic, which fell sharply last year, is slowly recovering and grew by 7.8% up to November, totalling 456,888 cars. The automotive industry is suffering this year from problems of shortages of microchips and raw materials that are affecting vehicle production and hindering a faster recovery in this sector. Passenger traffic is also gradually recovering. In this case, the increase in the first eleven months of the year stands at 69.4%, with 1.4 million passengers registered. Theferries have moved 911,528 passengers (+45.3%) and cruise passengers are up by 145.3%, reaching 48.5 million passengers in the first eleven months of the year. One of the traffic categories that is standing out this year is short sea shipping.shipping. UTIs loaded on these services have grown by 14.7% between January and November compared to the same period in 2020. In the case of Italy, the growth was 16%, which means transferring 145,625 trucks from road to ship. The substantial increase in traffic with Morocco is due to the start-up of the Suardiaz service, which began with a focus on the cargo segment and mainly serves the fruit and vegetable, textile and automotive sectors. Also in the case of Italy, one of the reasons for this is the increase in the range of services offered, due to the incorporation of Grimaldi’s new ECO ships, which offer a wider range of services. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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