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Serbian minister encourages rail investment

Government of Serbia – Efficient rail operations are important for large investments – January 10, 2020

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic spoke today with the directors of state railway companies about the implementation of projects on the railway, as well as about the business of these companies.

Mihajlovic underlined that the value of the projects on the railway amounts to approximately €5.5 billion ($6.12 million), which requires that the railway companies operate efficiently and be able to monitor large investments.

The state has no money to throw away, so it will control everything you do because citizens have to have the railroad they deserve, she said, emphasizing that rail reform is rated as one of the best implemented in this part of Europe.

According to her, that is why we want to see these results in greater passenger transport and an increase in the volume of cargo being carried, as well as in greater safety of the railway.

The meeting was also attended by acting directors general of “Serbian Railway Infrastructure” Miroljub Jevtic, “Serbia Train” Jugoslav Jovic, “Serbia Cargo” Dusan Garibovic, as well as. d. Director of the Directorate for Railways Lazar Mosurovic.

Source: Government of Serbia

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