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Siport21 assesses the risk of grounding or collision in port areas

News Release – Siport21 assesses the risk of grounding or collision in port areas; Presented during the Workshop on Ship Collision Risk Assessment in Denmark – January 16, 2020

The port-maritime engineering company, Siport21, presents a methodology for the assessment of nautical risk in port areas which allows to estimate the probability of grounding or collision of the vessels in these areas.

This methodology, already used in port areas of Port Qasim (Pakistan), Açu (Brazil), Vidin-Calafat bridge (Danube river) or Cadiz bridge (Spain), has been presented during the Workshop on Ship Collision Risk Assessment, organized by JCSS in collaboration with COWI in Lyngby (Denmark).

Nowadays, maritime authorities, shipping companies, terminal operators and engineering companies are paying more attention to nautical risks derived from events such as high traffic density or new nautical activities, which might lead to hazardous situations with potential consequences.

In those cases, risk assessment is important to determine whether risk levels are acceptable, or mitigation measures are required and therefore effectively designed. This is very relevant when dealing with the structural design and resistance of port structures and bridges, as collision of vessels usually exerts unacceptable loads over the structure.

For this reason, Siport21 developed this methodology, based on the application of specific ship manoeuvring tools and simulation. The advantages of this methodology consist on the determination of: accurate grounding or collision probabilities for powered and drifting collision;  risk associated to a new terminal or new traffic scenarios; most adequate location of new terminals based on risk assessment; accurate collision speed and course to be used in consequence analysis; and critical met-ocean conditions for nautical risks, as well as critical areas and response times.

Established in 1999, Madrid-based Siport21 is a maritime and port engineering consultancy company focused on ship manoeuvring and ship behaviour, using advanced methods and simulation tools. 

Source: Siport21

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