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Spain’s Leading Ports Suffer Reduced Traffic In April 2020

Spain’s leading ports suffer reduced traffic in April 2020

Madrid, Spain (PortSEurope) June 3, 2020 – State-owned Puertos del Estado has reported April 2020 cargo statistics for ports, which shows that the country’s leading ports all suffered reduced cargo traffic. April was the first whole month where businesses were affected by the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis. Ports in Europe have been drastically affected by the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis with the massive interruption to global supply
chains affecting road, rail and marine transport routes. The closure of land borders has challenged ports to remain open and keep transport routes operating for essential cargo. Below is a table of the top five Spanish ports determined by April 2020 figures: The largest loss was recorded by Barcelona (-11.7%)The largest port by cargo, Algeciras, registered a small loss of -0.6%Cartagena registered a near 5% rise in total cargo traffic in April. Port AuthorityAprilAprilYear to DateYear to DateVariance(YtD) 2019202020192020(%)Algeciras9.468.1538.947.95736.528.71136.309.696-0,60Valencia7.109.9546.237.80326.590.96725.306.855-4,83Barcelona6.000.5824.428.58322.196.97719.599.429-11,70Cartagena2.529.4112.912.77310.781.03011.315.7244,96Bilbao3.033.9092.852.49211.999.45211.449.223-4,59 Statistics from Puertos del Estado. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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