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St.Nazaire Port To Receive Russian LNG

St.Nazaire port to receive Russian LNG

St.Nazaire Port To Receive Russian LNGSource: PortSEurope
Nantes-St.Nazaire, France (PortSEurope) December 22, 2017 – The LNG terminal at St.Nazaire will soon start receiving vessels loaded with Siberian LNG.

In one day, you have to transfer 150,000 cubic meters of liquid gas to another ship, which will ship it to a customer somewhere in the world.

“The transactions are decided shortly before, to the highest bidder, summarizes Bruno Michel, director of the LNG terminal in Saint-Nazaire. We are a logistics platform. No transformation, just an express transhipment. A new activity for the port.”
At the port, Montoir-de-Bretagne is a logistical and industrial hub. Operated by Elengy (GDF‐Suez), the Montoir de Bretagne liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal is one of the biggest in Europe, with a storage capacity of 6 million tonnes of LNG and a gasification capacity of 10.5 billion m3.

There is ongoing investment at the site in order to optimize the technical performance levels of the terminal (two berths, the ability to receive large, Q‐Flex and Q‐Max type vessels, a vessel-to-vessel transhipment service, a heavy goods vehicle loading service), with a view to diversifying the gas procurement sources: Nigeria, Norway, Algeria or in the future Russia (via the Yamal Project, whereby ice-breaking ships will take the Arctic shipping route).
Montoir de Bretagne is also the port facility from which imported coal is transported by inland waterway to the EDF thermal power station at Cordemais.

In 2015, Engie and Novatek of Russia signed an LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement from the Yamal LNG project. Under the agreement, Engie will receive 1 million tons per year over a 23-year period starting 2018. This represents 14 cargoes per year which will be delivered from Yamal Trade icebreaker LNG carriers at the Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal (Engie), on the western coast of France, where Novatek will transfer the LNG, via a transshipment service operated by Elengy, to Engie vessels. The LNG will be further delivered anywhere in the world depending on client’s needs.

Source: Ouest France

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