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Three-year Operational Plan For AdSP Del Mar Tirreno Settentrionale (Livorno) Approved

Three-year operational plan for AdSP del Mar Tirreno Settentrionale (Livorno) approved

Livorno, Italy (PortSEurope) February 1, 2021 – The new Three-Year Operational Plan (POT) 2021-2023 for Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Settentrionale (AdSP – North Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority) has been approved by the Committee of Management. After a year of turmoil caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis and global trade tensions, the new plan focuses on infrastructure and employment development. In the three previous years,
the AdSP has organized the ports of the AdSP in a unified manner, strengthening the organisation’s staffing with a focus on digitization and ICT programs and to new models of sustainable development. Achievements include the Darsena Europa project with the related planning and confirmation of the sources of public funding for a total of €560 million; the completion of the privatization and related concession of Porto 2000; the concession of the dry dock sector and the Porto Mediceo; the concession of the railway shunting service and the completion of the procedures aimed at increasing the capital of the Vespucci Interport. In Piombino port, gains include the consolidation of an area of ​​200,000 m² serving the new northern dock of the port; the award of the concession of the new areas, divided into three lots, to two important operators in the bulk and automotive sector; the construction site project for a further 400/500 m of quay at a depth of -18 m around the northern dock; the opening of the construction site of the road network connecting the north dock with the main road at the end of the first lot of the upgrading of the SS398; and the granting of two concessions, one 25 years, another 90 years, respectively to the PIM Company and to the Chiusa di Pontedoro cooperative, The three-year plan builds on what has been achieved in previous years, projecting the port system in a sustainable, digital and infrastructural key as an integrated logistic node. The focus of the new Three-Year Operational Plan is the planning of the future functions of the system ports. Process that is divided into the drafting of the System Strategic Planning Document (DPSS) and will be completed with the subsequent revision of the Port Regulatory Plans. Livorno port Planning for the next three years foresees the reorganization of the commercial areas of the port. From an infrastructural point of view, the challenge of the challenges is represented by the construction of the first phase of the Darsena Europa, consisting of the outer protection works with the new entrance, the deepening of the seabed, and the new container terminal, which represents the offshore expansion of the port of Livorno and the 2/2 gateway to the system of intermodal connections aimed at making the transit of goods from the coast to the northern markets fluid; Even the railway part of the Darsena Europa, together with the upgrading of the Livorno and Piombino Iron Plans, represents, indeed, an infrastructure considered strategic for the entire integrated logistic node, including the port / Vespucci interport rail link (overpass), the railway link between the interport and the Collesalvetti Vada line, and the railway route Pisa-Prato-Bologna suitably strengthened; The picture is completed by the construction of the microtunnel, the widening of the access to the Industrial Canal; the resection of the Calata Orlando quay and the burying of the extreme part of the Florence Basin for the development of the New Maritime Station. Piombino port Important infrastructural works are planned in the three-year period: in addition to the completion of the new access road to the port (Section SS 398 of the Terre Rosse junction), works considered to be of fundamental importance for the development of the airport will be started, such as the construction of further new quay sections in ‘area in front of the filled basins ”for an overall length of 900 m with variable draft – 15 / -18 m. and the construction of the back yards. The planned works also include the one concerning the completion of the extension of the harbor defense works and the start of the construction of the 2nd lot of the Piombino Gagno-Porto link road, which will allow for a significant improvement in the methods of access to the port itself. , the industrial area and the inhabited center. Portoferraio (Elba) The plan provides for the renovation of the former Cromofilm building for the functional reorganization of the spaces intended for port operators and passengers. The intervention will include the recovery and adaptation of the building in order to give perspective uniformity to the entire seafront. Rio Marina (Elba) The port safety works will be completed with the adaptation of the internal infrastructures necessary to improve its usability, functionality and safety. In particular, the extension of the outer breakwater by about 50 and the construction of two new internal quays, which will allow the separation of car and pedestrian traffic, are planned. For the port of Capraia, the development of the Port Regulatory Plan is envisaged. The plan’s proposals on digitization and environmental sustainability deserve a separate discussion. During the three-year period a new digital architecture will be defined, open and interoperable for all the new digital functions of the Tuscan Port Community System. Not only that, having already carried out experiments on the major roads entering the port with RFID, C-ITS (Cooperative ITS) and 5G technologies, in this three-year period the data exchange platform from / with blockchain will open, already implemented at the level of pre-competitive solution, to third-party platforms adopted by actors of specific logistics chains related to the production and distribution of products.  Decarbonisation The AdSP intends to play a significant role in the development of Liquefied Natural Gas and Hydrogen. In particular, the authority intends to apply to become a primary node of the national Hydrogen Hub, identifying a new strategic objective called “HY.PER – Hydrogen Project for Energy & Resilience”, aimed at developing pilot actions, in-depth studies and implementation of definitive structural works capable of successfully integrating the potential and needs expressed by the ports of the system and by the entrepreneurial and research network present in the area. “The approved Three-Year Operational Plan”, explains Stefano Corsini, President of the AdSP of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, “wants to give continuity to the work produced in recent years with a vision projected on the vast area of ​​reference, on the attractiveness of the System’s ports in terms of efficiency and the consolidation of the port of Livorno as a direct supply hub for Northern Italy and the Brenner Pass”. Source: Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Settentrionale (AdSP – North Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority) Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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