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Valenciaport Foundation Participates In The Cyrene Project To Improve Security And Reliability Of Supply Chains

Valenciaport Foundation participates in the Cyrene project to improve security and reliability of supply chains

Source: Valenciaport
Between today and tomorrow, the kick-off meeting of the CYRENE project (Certifying the Security and Resilience of Supply Chain Services) is held, an initiative co-financed by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission that has brought together fourteen partners from ten countries with the common objective to improve the security of supply chain information – October 14, 2020 This project, led by Magglioli SPA
and in which the Valenciaport Foundation participates, has a total budget of around € 5,000,000 and is scheduled to take place within a period of 36 months, ending in August 2023. CYRENE will achieve its objective by providing a new and dynamic Conformity Assessment Process (CAP) that assesses the security and resilience of supply chain services, IT infrastructures (information technology) interconnected that make up these services and the individual devices that support operations. In particular, the proposed Conformity Assessment Process will support the different security operators in the supply chain to dynamically recognize, identify, model and analyze cyber risks. In addition, it will support the anticipation, treatment and response to advanced persistent threats and will manage risks, incidents and daily data breaches of cyber security and privacy. Specifically, CYRENE will base its demonstrations on exploring the security challenges involved in the vehicle transport chain service. This service is an enormously complex system with numerous players, including shippers, manufacturers, and transportation operators that involve manufacturing, shipping, and delivery of various types of vehicles and equipment, such as trucks, vans, truck trailers, threshers etc. In short, CYRENE, based on the existing security certifications such as Security and Resistance of the Supply Chain, EU Cybersecurity Law, ISO28001, ISO 27001, ISPS, NIS, Security Certification Schemes, etc., has as The main result is the definition of a certification plan for ICT security for the supply chain . Source: Fundación Valenciaport (Valenciaport Foundation)

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