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Valenciaport Is At The Forefront Of Spain In Natural Gas Supply Operations

Valenciaport is at the forefront of Spain in natural gas supply operations

Last year Baleària made 291 LNG supplies in the Port of València with the multitruck-to-ship method, which facilitates faster and more efficient operations – January 25, 2021 They account for 40% of the shipping company’s supplies in Spain and position Valenciaport as a benchmark in promoting clean fuels The commitment to LNG is part of the environmental strategy of Valenciaport 2030, zero emissions València, January
25, 2021.- Valenciaport is at the forefront of Spain in the supply of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) carried out by the Baleària shipping company. Specifically, in 2020 the Dénia-based firm carried out a total of 291 natural gas supply operations, reaching 26,777 m3, in the Port of Valencia, which represents 40% of the bunkerings carried out by the company in Spain. The Port Authority of València (APV) and Baleària have been collaborating for years in the introduction of LNG and the improvement of supply services to ships with this fuel with the launch of the Multi Truck to Ship (MTTS) system. Thus, 95% of all Baleària supplies were made through this method where several tanks simultaneously supply the liquefied natural gas to the ship, so that bunkering is faster and more efficient. The ships that received this cleaner fuel were the five ferries that last year connected the port of València with the Balearic Islands: Hypatia de Alejandría, Abel Matutes, Sicilia, Naples and Bahama Mama. ESK has been the company in charge of carrying out these charges. The president of the PAV, Aurelio Martínez, has indicated that “one of the axes of our environmental activity is the collaboration with leading companies such as Baleària to navigate together in the common goal of decarbonization and the use of clean energy. A strategy that is part of Valenciaport 2030, zero emissions in which the entire port community is immersed in order to be one of the most eco-efficient ports in Europe ”. For his part, the president of Baleària, Adolfo Utor, has indicated that “we are the only ferry companythat sails on gas and this places us at the forefront of supplies made in Spain, where 96% of all bunkerings made on ships correspond to our ships ”. The president of Baleària also recalled that the shipping company currently has six ships sailing on gas. “We are convinced that the commitment to the environment is compatible with the competitiveness of the company. We are pioneers with the use of natural gas and this year we will complement the renovation of nine ships in the fleet, which have involved an investment of 380 million euros ”. Utor has added that the objective that Baleària is working on now is to achieve 0 emissions through renewable energy projects, such as green hydrogen and renewable gas. Along these lines, Aurelio Martínez pointed out that “the Valenciaport plan includes, among other actions, feasibility studies for the installation of a wind farm, the implementation of photovoltaic solar energy, the installation of an electrical substation, the supply of electricity. to ships in port or the use of clean fuels such as LNG or Hydrogen ”. At the state level, throughout 2020, Baleària has carried out a total of 714 bunkerings in the different peninsular ports in which it operates. In the Valencian Community, it has also carried out 36 operations in Dénia, and the shipping company has carried out supplies in Barcelona, ​​Almería, Málaga and Huelva. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia)

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