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Working group set up to propose development of Faro port

Faro, Portugal (PortSEurope) January 4, 2018 – The Portuguese Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, published on Tuesday, January 2, the order to create a working group that will prepare and present the Space Planning Plan assigned to the Commercial Port of Faro and the Commercial Wharf.

The decision is justified because it is believed that the activities related to the port of Faro could be better aligned with the urban space of the city of Faro.

The working group team will propose what kind of specific and diversified activities should be developed in the area of ​​the sea and present the schedule for the implementation of the said objectives.

It shall also be responsible for carrying out the economic-financial and strategic environmental assessments of the plan, to be submitted by 31 March.

The plan will define what kind of infrastructure linked to scientific research, entrepreneurship in maritime activities, recreation, nautical and maritime sports and tourism must be created in the space.

The working group shall be coordinated by a representative of the Minister for the Sea; by three representatives of the Municipality of Faro; a representative of Administração dos Portos de Sines e do Algarve, S.A. (Administration of Ports of Sines and Algarve, SA; a representative of Docapesca – Portos e Lotas, SA and an element indicated by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere.

Faro is the capital of southern Portugal’s Algarve region.

Source: Associação dos Portos de Portugal

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