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Andulusian port promote city-port relations

Cádiz, Spain (PortSEurope) October 11, 2018 – A total of 13 autonomous Andalusian ports have taken steps to make their facilities to tourists and commercial activity encouraging citizens to make use of the ports.

The aim is that the ports look towards the city and open up to it as a part of it and can become dynamic spaces for economic and tourist activity with actions that transform its urban environment and revitalize its facilities.

These actions, carried out via Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía (APPA – Public Ports Agency of Andalusia), develop five ports of Cádiz and other ports of Huelva, while in Malaga has been operated in Caleta de Vélez and is also planned in Estepona, while in Almería the action takes place in the port of Garrucha.

The ports where these works are developed in the Cadiz coast are Barbate; Conil; Broken; Gallineras in San Fernando and Puerto América, in the capital; on the coast of Huelva the port facilities where these works are undertaken are Ayamonte; Isla Cristina, Mazagón; Punta Umbría and El Terrón in Lepe.

The port-city integration contributes to decontamination, urban regeneration, elimination of obsolete infrastructures, improvement of accessibility, generation of urban spaces of interest, thus enabling natural spaces integrated into the urban nucleus, which at the same time favor a development economic and social aspects of the port area.

The works cost €13 million, allowing the port closings to be modified, making them permeable, making known the activity of the ports and removing barriers if there are no security reasons to justify them.

Source: Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía

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