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Bilbao Port Handled 3.7 Million Tonnes Of Foreign Trade In 2017

Bilbao port handled 3.7 million tonnes of foreign trade in 2017

Bilbao, Spain (PortSEurope) October 11, 2018 – In 2017, Bilbao port handled 3.7 million tonnes of foreign trade, i.e., goods using the port and origin or destination, of which 12.5 million metric tons corresponded to Atlantic European countries. Bilbao remains the primary Spanish port for intra-European north–south foreign trade.

In 2018, there have been commercial relationships with almost 40 countries. Headed by Atlantic European countries, the UK and the Netherlands. By products, more than 1,000 taric (EU categorisation) headings were transported by sea in different forms: 6.5 million tons of bulk liquids; 2.4 million metric tons of bulk solids; goods of all sorts transported in containers, 3.1 million metric tons; 1.3 million metric tons of general cargo.

Of the latter, almost 470,000 tons were moved by Ro-Ro (trailer/hold).

A curious anecdote regarding types of products transported is the more than 48 tonnes of buttons, 152 tonnes of ball pens, 1,173 tonnes of sports shoes or 47 tonnes of articles for magic. Due to its singular logistical chain, we can also highlight more than 1,565,000 tonnes (1,565 million kg) of food products and among them, those stored in refrigerated conditions.

Source: Uniport Bilbao

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