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Genoa Port Jan-Sep 2019 Traffic – Passengers Up, Cargo Stable

Genoa port Jan-Sep 2019 traffic – passengers up, cargo stable

Genoa Port Jan-Sep 2019 Traffic – Passengers Up, Cargo StableSource: PortSEurope

Genoa, Italy (PortSEurope) November 8, 2019 – In the first nine months of 2019, passenger traffic in fact exceeded 3.7 million, a 6.5% increase. Cruise ships brought about 150,000 passengers to Genoa and Savona, up +11.1%, and ferries grew by 3.7% (+80,000 pax).

In the mercantile sector, solid bulk saw aggregate growth of 1.3%, and traffics of vegetable oils and wine were 8.9% and chemical products +14.4%.

The trend of container traffic in the port of Genoa is stable and in line with the economic trend of the country.

Thanks to the good performance of “Made in Italy” in international markets, despite the contraction in world trade, the trend of container exports through the port of Genoa in the last quarter is positive at +3.7%.

Following the country’s economic situation (Bank of Italy and Istat highlight the weakness of manufacturing and a certain contraction in domestic consumption), imports of full containers maintained a negative trend of -3.6%. As a result, the volume of goods transported in containers is slightly down, by -2.2%.

In terms of the total number of containers, the traffic remains in line with the past year, however there is an increase in the number of empty containers both at embarkation and at disembarkation (+11.8%) and a slight reduction in those full (-1.2%).

The traffic of conventional and rolling goods is also slightly down, mainly due to the operational difficulties that have affected some docks of the Savona airport following the storm at the end of October 2018.

The analysis of the routes of the containerized traffic shows then a progressive evolution of the geographical areas with which the port of Genoa maintains the prevailing commercial relationships: in the course of 2019, in particular, there is a decline in the exchanges with the Far East (embarkations -3.6% and landings -7.2%) while relations with North America grow (boarding +8.7% and landings +49.3%).

This result is influenced by several factors: among all, the slowdown in Chinese economic growth as opposed to the strengthening of the US and the trade war between the US and China which took place in 2018, which led to a reorganization of the geography of global trade.

To assess, in perspective, the repercussions on the new trade balances of the new duties announced by the US administration against the European Union which, although involving a limited share of Italian exports, could have significant indirect effects on port traffic.

Source: Autorita’ di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Occidentale

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