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Italy Allocates €262 Million For Renewal Of Naval Fleets For Public Transport

Italy allocates €262 million for renewal of naval fleets for public transport

Italy Allocates €262 Million For Renewal Of Naval Fleets For Public Transport

Rome, Italy (PortSEurope) February 20, 2018 – At the proposal of the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport (MIT), Graziano Delrio, the government has agreed with the Ministerial Decree to allocate resources for the renewal of the fleet of naval units intended for local maritime, lagoon, lake and river public transport.

Resources will be made available by the 2016 Stability Law, to renew the means of local public transport maritime, lake, lagoon and fluvial and make them more comfortable and less polluting. The resources amount to €262.64 million ($323.93 million) divided between 2017 and 2030, which will become €350 million ($432.7 million) with regional co-financing equal to 25% of the costs.

The funds are for the purchase of new naval units used for the maritime, lake, lagoon and fluvial TPL services of regional competence that: only connect one or more municipalities present in the territory of the same region; they are carried out on a continuous or periodic basis with an undifferentiated offer to the public and with pre-established timetables and itineraries, according to procedures imposed or agreed with the relevant authorities; they are characterized by tariffs determined or approved by the competent authorities.

Naval units are eligible for financing: ro/ro passengers (roll on/roll off) and passengers, including fast units; used for the public transport service in the Venice lagoon.

All units admitted to financing must comply with the applicable international, community and national legislation and comply with the emission limits set by 2020 in the EU Directive 2012/33 or Regulation 2016/1628/EU.

The resources were allocated on the basis of the “run-mile” carried out in each Region in 2015 and weighted according to the size classes of the vehicles, to take into account the different cost of the means used to carry out the service.

Refitting for up to 15% of the resources assigned to the single region are also eligible for financing, or up to €3 million (€3.71 million) for regions that have a state contribution of less than €5 million ($6.18 million). Work can be carried out on naval vessels already in use and aimed at making them at least in line with the exhaust emission limits envisaged for 2020 by Directive 2012/33/EU or Regulation 2016/1628/EU.

Breakdown of MIT resources (€) among the Regions:

Friuli Venezia Giulia                1,573,213

Liguria                                         234.637

Piedmont                                    253.098

Emilia-Romagna                       381.930

Lombardy                               4.425.849

Lazio                                       13.925.362

Sardinia                                 15.202.663

Tuscany                                   21.735.811

Sicily                                      73.513.784

Campania                                64.046.510

Veneto                                     67.356.094

Total                                      262.648.951

Source: Italian Minister of Infrastructures and Transport

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