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Italy Approves LPG Terminal In Chioggia But Withholds Forbids Gas Carrier Activities

Italy approves LPG terminal in Chioggia but withholds forbids gas carrier activities

Italy Approves LPG Terminal In Chioggia But Withholds Forbids Gas Carrier ActivitiesSource: PortSEurope

Chioggia, Italy (PortSEurope) March 20, 2019 – After the approval by the Italian State Council for a project to construct a depot for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Chioggia, the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise) had reserved the right to re-examine the entire process, ruling that the approval is for storage only, and does not include the activities of gas carriers.

The project was designated as “strategic” in 2015 and since then there have many delays caused by objections form various interested parties.

The facility is a project of Costa Bioenergie srl (Socogas Group SpA). Socogas supplies LPG for industrial and domestic use in Italy.

Deputy prime minister Elena Lorenzini and councilor Francesco Vanin informed relevant parties that, following a review by the ministry of the authorisation process regarding the activity of the LPG storage facility, the interministerial decree does not provide for any authorisation to start the traffic operations of gas carriers within the Venice lagoon and the marketing of petroleum products.

The eventual transit of gas tankers requires a modification of the port regulatory plan that currently does not allow such activity. The procedure for making changes to the regular plan is the responsibility of the port authority. During the preliminary investigation, all the observations necessary to preserve the safety of the citizens of the Municipality of Chioggia and the entire economy of the territory must be acquired.

It was finally clarified that the issuing of the maritime concession of the docks, adjacent to the area where the depot is to be built, is not included in the interministerial decree and therefore requires a subsequent authorisation. In the coming days, meetings will be held to seek progress.

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