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Montenegro Adopts Strategy For The Maritime Economy 2020-2030

Montenegro adopts strategy for the Maritime Economy 2020-2030

Bar, Montenegro (PortSEurope) August 11, 2020 – On July 30, the Montenegro government, at the proposal of the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, adopted the Strategy for the Development of the Maritime Economy 2020-2030. It determines priorities for the development of the maritime economy and sets specific strategic and operational goals while defining activities. The goal of the strategy is to define the development of
the maritime economy sector in Montenegro.  The long-term strategic goal is sustainable, economic growth that will contribute to reducing the development gap in relation to the EU average and increase the quality of life of all its citizens. Targets are viewed through the prism of the “Blue Economy”, including segments of the maritime economy and related issues such as human resources. The blue economy includes all economic activities related to sea and coastal areas, including fisheries, nautical tourism, hydrocarbon exploration and production, as well as emerging industries, such as marine biotechnology. The environment is also a priority. Included in the plan is a new container terminal for the port of Bar. Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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