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Port Authority Of València Will Build A New Jetty In The Port Of Sagunto

Port Authority of València will build a new jetty in the port of Sagunto

Source: Valenciaport
An independent engineering study nullifies any possibility of intervention on the old structure, which was heavily damaged between the DANA of December 2019 and the storm Gloria of January 2020 – November 13, 2020 Valenciaport will contribute €5 million to build a new dock The project will be developed in collaboration with the City of Sagunto The port of Sagunto will have a new jetty. The
Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia) will undertake the construction of a new jetty in the port of Sagunto due to the impossibility of developing any type of restoration of the previous one, a structure that has 43 years of life (of which it was only operational during the first 13), always exposed to the harshest meteorological conditions and that could not withstand the last DANA (December 2019) or the virulence of the storm Gloria (January 2020). Between both phenomena, the irreversible deterioration accelerated. In fact, APV’s decision to build a new structure was taken after trying to undertake a restoration project that was rendered impossible in December 2019, when a DANA lashed the Valencian coast with virulence and caused gap 1 of the first section of the jetty. A month later, in January 2020, the storm Gloria – with waves of more than 7 meters off the Saguntine coast – aggravated the situation and caused the destruction of spans 19 and 20 of the already battered structure. After DANA and Gloria: 82% of the spans showed an increase in damage,29% of the spans had new damage after DANA in Decemberin 27% of the spans there was new damage after the Gloria storm. In addition, “the depletion of metal piles” occurred in 12% of the foundations, displacements in the deck and 59% of the elements (deck and piles) showed increases in exposed reinforcement, as indicated in the study “Analysis of the evolution of the deterioration and structural viability of the dock of Sierra Menera (Sagunto) after the DANA of December 2019 and the Temporary Glory of January 2020 ”prepared for the PAV” by FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores. After an exhaustive analysis of each of the pieces and construction elements of the structure, it is determined, in the aforementioned study, that “the storm Gloria has been able to compromise the structural integrity of the jetty due to the extraordinary magnitude of the atmospheric phenomenon acting on the jetty it has produced irreversible damage to the structure ”. The engineering work adds that between the two storms the evolution of the damage has not been as expected from “a process of progressive deterioration such as that which had been observed in previous inspections.” In its conclusions it indicates that “due to the importance and scope of the damage identified in section 1 of the jetty, which arose after the Gloria storm, and based on the evidence presented in this analysis, it is concluded that the viability structural of the same ”. “For all these reasons, the structural viability qualification of the pontoon must be modified since after the DANA and the Gloria storm, the damage to both the deck and the foundations cannot be considered compatible with structural safety and consequently its safety nor consider an intervention on it that can guarantee it with the required reliability ”. Commitment to Sagunto As explained by Aurelio Martínez after the press conference of the Board of Directors of the PAV held today in Valencia, “the Pier was designed for waves up to 5.5 meters high, and it is evident that the last storms that the climate change have exceeded 7 meters, causing irreparable damage, so there is no choice but to demolish and build a new one that will be taller and more resistant, thinking about the storms that will be increasingly aggressive ”. “We are going to fulfill the investment commitments related to the pontoon that we signed almost two years ago with the Sagunto City Council, with the previous mayor and, more recently, with the current one. Because what is signed is signed, and it must be fulfilled. Restoring the jetty to its current height would have little future. You have to build a new one. We are very respectful towards Sagunto and his council ”, added the president of the PAV. The demolition and cleaning of the waters that will require the removal of the old jetty is budgeted at 8 million euros that will be borne by APV. For the new jetty at the port of Sagunto, the València Port Authority also has a budget of €5 million (those contemplated in the agreement). The project will be developed in collaboration with the Sagunto City Council and will combine social, tourist and cultural use, within a framework of maximum security for citizens. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia)

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