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Redevelopment Of Gioia Tauro Port Continues With Crane Removal

Redevelopment of Gioia Tauro port continues with crane removal

Redevelopment Of Gioia Tauro Port Continues With Crane RemovalSource: Autorità Portuale di Gioia Tauro

Gioia Tauro, Italy (PortSEurope) July 5, 2019 – Following the development plan of new operator MSC, the demolition of three obsolete quay cranes has started. Later this year, new port equipment will arrive from China,

This one of several activities which are contributing to the redevelopment of the port.

Last month, Gioia Tauro port has awarded a €2.5 million ($2.8 million) three-year maintenance dredging contract to Spanish company Dravo S.A. that involves six interventions each year. Dravo is part of the Dutch Van Oord group, an international maritime contractor.

In April this year, Contship Italia S.p.A. and Itaterminaux S.à.r.l., a fully controlled subsidiary of Terminal Investment Ltd (TIL), executed a share purchase agreement concerning the sale of 50% of CSM Italia Gate S.p.A., the company which owns 100% of MCT – Medcenter Container Terminal S.p.A.. MSC is the new operator.

MCT is the concessionaire of the container terminal activities in the port of Gioia Tauro and TIL already owned 50% of CSM Italia Gate S.p.A. There are already visible signs of changes at the terminal and investments of €100 million ($112.36 million) are already defined.

The Port Authority is trying to put the terminal operator in a position to increase the volume of traffic to put the port of Gioia Tauro at the centre of international routes and thus guarantee employment levels in the terminal. Part of this is €3 million ($337 million) being invested to dredge the port’s seabed.

The future of the port will not only be affected by the performance of the new owners, but also by diversification of activities in the area, the start-up of the operation of the Special Economic Zone continues, but slowly.

However, the port faces competition and logistical challenges. Whilst the port has been in decline, rivals such as Trieste have expanded, having taken steps to annually increase container (TEU) throughput. Also, Trieste has a geographical advantage of being closer to European markets, and has developed a comprehensive rail network for the fast transhipment of containers from ships to rail, speeding up the time to market.

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