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Tanger Med Port Continues Activities

Tanger Med port continues activities

Port import and export activities continue in a normal manner at the Tanger Med port, with the strengthening of health control for professional drivers of international road transport, in accordance with the state of health emergency  – March 25, 2020 Port activities at the Tangier Med port are continuing as normal, in particular container traffic in import / export and transhipment, TIR truck flows in
import / export, liquid and solid bulk traffic, and in compliance with instructions in force, stating that the entire port community is mobilized to serve import-export flows for the needs of the Kingdom and transshipment for global flows. In this sense, the Tanger Med port and its partners have set up a continuity plan to ensure the needs and port operations, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. In addition, all of this port community, including partners and local authorities, are informed of all the necessary hygiene and sanitary barrier measures recommended by the Ministry of Health to maintain the proper functioning of the port in completely safe. Paying tribute to the people who work in the field on a daily basis despite the exceptional circumstances, in particular the pilots, port operators, logisticians, truck drivers, transit clerks and shipping agents, as well as the local authorities in relation to the ‘import / export, to ensure the continuity of port operations, maintain a safe and healthy working environment, and guarantee national and international supply chains. For its part, the Tanger Med health control service monitors and controls the state of health of all professional drivers working in international road transport and passing through the Tanger Med-Algeciras shipping line, and this following Morocco’s decision to suspend maritime passenger transport links as part of preventive measures to combat the spread of Covid-19. The service operates according to an action plan put in place with all of the port’s stakeholders, and under the supervision of the prefecture of Fahs-Anjra province. Professional drivers are subject to a thorough health check during which their temperatures are measured using thermal cameras, and a medical examination is carried out if necessary, noting that preventive measures are also reinforced, in particular the cleaning of import trucks at the using chemicals. To this end, awareness campaigns are carried out with professional drivers on the preventive measures to be adopted to avoid contamination by the virus. Source: Government of Morocco

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