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Tarragona Port Sents First Train Loaded With Soy Flour

Tarragona port sents first train loaded with soy flour

Tarragona, Spain (PortSEurope) October 17, 2020 – Tarragona sent the first train to the Agrotim Intermodal Terminal in Montsó (Huesca), loaded entirely with soy flour. This shipment, operated by RENFE, consisted of 12 wagons and transported a total of 720 tons. This railway service implies a strengthening in the logistics of agri-food products, consolidating destinations of great importance for Tarragona, such as Huesca and Zaragoza. Trains
from the port arrived at the destination of Montsó, loaded with other agri-food products for the manufacture of feed and other products from the agricultural sector. The consolidation of this traffic generates positive synergies with other complementary agri-food transits, improving the competitiveness of the railway service by making logistics sustainable and respectful of the environment. Tarragona receives agri-food products from the main producing countries, both European and from the rest of the world. The distribution of these products supplies Catalonia, Aragon and much of Navarre and eastern Castile, locations where more than 40% of the total feed production in the state is manufactured. The products are imported through Tarragona and from there are transported to the manufacturing areas for animal feed in Lleida, Zaragoza, Girona and, on a smaller scale, in Soria and Huesca. Tarragona is a leader in the movement of agri-food products, both in Spain and in the Mediterranean, providing the sector with qualified services, high productivity and specialized infrastructures. In 2019, the Port exceeded 6 million tonnes in the agri-food and livestock sector, which is a 4.5% increase over 2018. This leadership is based on different strengths, proximity, productivity, price, experience, quality and specialization.

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