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The “Book A Slot” Project Wins The First Prize At The Valenciaport Hackathon

The “Book a Slot” project wins the first prize at the Valenciaport Hackathon

Source: Valenciaport
The second prizes went to the “AlRates Technologies” and “ChainGO Freight” solutions – November 30, 2020 This international event raised 4 challenges, formulated by the València Port Authority, Cosco Shipping Lines Spain, Grupo Romeu and the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation. The main prize, a financial prize of 3,000 euros, has been awarded by the Juan Arizo Serrulla Foundation (FJAS), and the second prizes of
1,000 euros have been contributed by the Propeller Valencia association and by the ALICE technology platform. Last Friday, the final demos and awards ceremony of the Valenciaport Hackathon were held, an international event organized by the Valenciaport Foundation within the framework of the H2020 COREALIS project under the slogan “Innovating and transforming to achieve the smart, green and resilient port of the future ”Whose objective was to obtain innovative solutions to improve performance and sustainability in the Port of València. During the event, the 8 finalists had the opportunity to present their projects to the hackathon jury and to the public who followed the live broadcast of the event via YouTube. Subsequently, the jury withdrew to deliberate off-screen and after arduous debate announced the three winning teams. The main prize, a cash prize of 3,000 euros awarded by the Juan Arizo Serrulla Foundation, was awarded to the “Book a Slot” project, which presented a solution to the challenge formulated by COSCO Shipping Lines Spain. “Book a Slot” is a solution that optimizes the operations of delivery / collection of containers by road by searching for matches to carry out double operations. To this end, it distributes trucks outside peak hours through incentives: priority in queues, allocation of slots in peak time slots if they arrive on time and providing them with reliable predictions of the duration of loading / unloading in the port thanks to the use of data-driven machine learning techniques . The second prizes, 1,000 euros in cash contributed by the Propeller Valencia association and by the ALICE technological platform, were obtained by the «AlRates Technologies» and «ChainGO Freight» teams, which presented proposals for the challenges of the Romeu Group and the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, respectively. The “AI Rates” solution is an intelligent platform that assists freight forwarders in the processing of data in unstructured tables that contain the rates of shipping companies. The solution has an AI (artificial intelligence) powered tool that combines precise extraction, exact loading and intelligent transformation of raw data to the format required by customers. The integration of data from multiple sources is ensured by the application of AI algorithms together with the interaction with a user. For its part, the “ChainGO Freight” solution is an online collaboration platform based on blockchain that provides transparency, visibility, security and simplicity to international trade. ChainGo offers visibility in the international transport of goods and electronic signature procedures (eSignatures) and, specifically for this Hackathon, they have added the functionality of ePayments using cryptocurrencies in a simple and accessible way for all parties involved. The Valenciaport Hackathon has had the support and sponsorship of the Valencia Port Authority, Cosco Shipping Lines Spain, Grupo Romeu and the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation who have also proposed the 4 challenges to be solved in this hackathon and which were related to the circular economy in ports; optimization of road transport operations; improving ocean tariff processing and facilitating international trade for port operations, respectively. During a week the participants have developed innovative solutions responding to the challenges posed, with the advice and support of expert mentors in ports and foreign trade from the sponsoring entities and the Valenciaport Foundation. The Hackathon organization also points out that the idea is to give continuity to the most interesting solutions and support them in submitting proposals to the 4.0 Fund. With this objective, a meeting will be held soon in which organizers, sponsors and mentors will discuss what solution or solutions could have continuity. Jury The Valenciaport Hackathon jury was made up of Albert Oñate, general manager of COSCO Shipping Lines Spain; Juan Enrique Yxart, CEO of SAICE and Director of Transversal Projects of the Romeu Group; William Petty, deputy director of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation; Salvador Furió, Director of Innovation and Development of the Valenciaport Foundation Cluster, and Juan Manuel Díez, Head of Strategic Planning and Innovation of the Valencia Port Authority. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia)

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