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Valencia Port To Tender Power Substation Project In Q4

Valencia port to tender power substation project in Q4

Valencia Port To Tender Power Substation Project In Q4Source: Valenciaport

Valencia, Spain (PortSEurope) June 20, 2019 – Valencia port plans to tender in the fourth quarter of 2019 for the construction of an electrical substation, with an expected investment of €8 million ($9.04 million), to supply large ships which dock at the port and avoid the emissions of polluting gases caused by their engines. 

Environmental regulations require large ports to have electricity supply systems capable of supplying docked ships by 2020. The port of Valencia follows the example of other ports such as Hamburg, where pressure due the proximity of the port to the city forced its managers to build an electrical substation three years ago.

The transfer of the cruise terminal from the northern extension of Valencia port to a dock closer to the city concerns the neighbours living on the seafront, where cruise ships will dock close by, and they keep their engines running while docked to generate electricity and thus continuing with emissions.

Source: El Periódico de la Energía

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