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Valenciaport Tests The Smartport Platform To Increase Efficiency And Competitiveness

Valenciaport tests the Smartport platform to increase efficiency and competitiveness

Valenciaport Tests The Smartport Platform To Increase Efficiency And CompetitivenessSource: Valenciaport

News Release – Valenciaport tests the Smartport platform to increase efficiency and competitiveness – June 27, 2019

Federico Torres, Director of Security, Environment and Facilities of Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia (APV – Valenciaport, Port Authority of Valencia), has participated in one of the Virtual Breakfast organized by the Official College of Industrial Engineers of the Community Valenciana (COIICV). The event was also attended by the dean of the COIICV, Salvador Puigdengolas; the director of the Caja de Ingenieros de Valencia, Gonzalo Gregori; and the general director of Arisnova, Jorge Gramage.

During the meeting the Smartport platform was presented, a pilot project of the APV developed by the Valencian engineering Arisnova, which aims to unify the existing systems of security, facilities or CCTV to have an integral control of all the business areas of Valenciaport.

Through virtual reality, Smartport offers access to information in real time from the port of Valencia. Jorge Gramage, CEO Arisnova said, “Smartport integrates the most relevant information in daily management and allows access to it at a glance in graphic form”.

As Federico Torres explained, “the smartport is a necessity for Valenciaport since we are in a context in which there is a dynamism in the port activity very high. A port is an infrastructure that generates services and these must be online, agile and of absolute ease to help in decision-making “. Torres also stressed that “for a port to work well, it is necessary that there be a perfect harmonization throughout the port community that are those that make up the logistics chain within the port. Therefore, integrate all the information is essential for all this gear to work properly. “

“Valenciaport is currently the fourth port in Europe but we still have many challenges ahead such as the automation of operations, the improvement of energy efficiency and environmental protection, the increase in the efficiency of our processes or new solutions for security, protection and emergency management, among others. For all this, the application of a tool such as Smartport is fundamental because it allows us to know in real time everything that is being developed in the port “, added Federico Torres.

Torres also indicated that the pilot project developed by Arisnova has responded to expectations and, therefore, it has been decided to give continuity by expanding its developments. “Smartport is a tool that will give us a very important decision making capacity from the executive, operational and control center point of view because it offers us a very real image of what is happening at all times in the port. With this tool we can know details such as location of ships exactly, location of dangerous goods or environmental data in real time and, in addition, with a very friendly interface that facilitates its use by different types of users “.

The Director of Security, Environment and Facilities of the APV has concluded his presentation by recalling that “ports are not an end in itself, we want Valenciaport to continue to be useful to the Valencian and national economy. And for that, we must be more and more efficient and competitive. With Smartport we will be aligned with the highest demands of our users, the ship and the merchandise “.

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia

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