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Vigo Port Launches Projects, Thanks To Blue Growth Strategy

Vigo port launches projects, thanks to blue growth strategy

Vigo, Spain (PortSEurope) July 15, 2020 – In 2016, Vigo port, launched its Blue Growth strategy, in these four years, more than 300 people, from companies, universities and research centres, public administrations and society as a whole, have worked side by side in 14 large workgroups that have merged and become six Commissions of the Navigation and Port Council. As a result, a total of
46 projects have been launched, of which 25 are already being executed, and 47 actions (with a total budget of more than €225 million, of which €34 million of public investment have been approved, and about €6 million of private investment). Three spin-offs have been created: MarInnLeg, an innovation centre in maritime and fishing legal studies, Ariven, an association of public and private entities belonging to the nautical sector in the Ría de Vigo and “Bluestructure”, part of the University of Vigo carrying out environmental recovery projects in ports. Among the projects with the highest budget are the Ro-Ro Plus Terminal, with €3.4 million, the Puerto del Futuro, or Puerto 4.0, with €5 million, the Lonja 4.0 self-sufficient, with €3 million euros and logistics projects such as Co-Logistics, with €2.5 million. However, of the 25 projects launched in these four years, 10 of these have European funds, which has meant a total of €14.1 million of European funds, that is, 35% of the total budget of the projects in execution. Among the projects underway, in the field of Puerto Verde, the so-called “Lonja 4.0” is self-sufficient, those linked to the implementation of LNG and electricity supply to ships are, Hive I, LNG container for electricity supply to ships on the Autopista del Mar, the SamueLNG project to supply LNG to ships, the ML-Style, project for cleaning marine litter with the support of the fishing guilds, the “Port-Greening”, cleaning of the funds of the port docks, the Portos project for the study of marine energy and self-sufficient ports and the recently awarded worldwide Peiraos do Solpor, artificial reef-like structures placed in the docks of the port to fix flora and fauna. Within the objective of “Connected Port” is the “Promotion of the Motorways of the Sea”, the creation of a “Blue Port Network”, projects that support the improvement of port logistics such as “Co-Logistics”, for the improvement of logistics and the Galicia-North of Portugal connection, improvements to terminals, such as the “RoRo Plus Terminal”, referring to the Bouzas terminal, the “Smart ViPort”, for the digitization of all port processes, Plisan as a logistics hub 4.0 and the spin-off “MarInLeg”.  In the field of Innovative Port, are the “Port-Forward, or Port 4.0, project, to improve the logistics of the container terminal and reduce its emissions, the Lonja 4.0 -TTQS, with the development of an innovative platform that guarantees the traceability, transparency, quality and sustainability of fish from the Vigo fish markets or the Fondo Puertos 4.0 project with Puertos del Estado, to support innovation in the Spanish ports, with a headquarters in Vigo. Within the objective of Inclusive Port, the projects of Blue Races with the University of Vigo and the Institute of Fisheries Studies stand out, such as the MarENeT, where a centre of excellence in maritime training for space is being created Atlantic, projects more linked to giving value to the city’s maritime activities such as the “Vigo SeaFest” festival, the spin-off Ariven and the different projects with the FAO to promote Vigo’s knowledge of the blue economy in other ports and countries. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo (APV – Port Authority of Vigo) Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

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