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Vigo Port Sees Cargo Traffic Up Over 4% In 2020

Vigo port sees cargo traffic up over 4% in 2020

Source: PortSEurope
Vigo, Spain (PortSEurope) January 25, 2021 – According to provisional data from 2020, the northwest port of Vigo reports a record year for merchandise moved in containers, exceeding 2.7 million tons and 200,000 TEU. Fruit traffic registeried a huge increase of +955.88%. Total traffic – merchandise, supplies, local traffic and fresh fish – closed 2020 with an increase of +3.32% in the accumulated of the
year, despite the health crisis experienced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Port of Vigo moved just over 4.5 million tons throughout a year that was looming especially complicated by the restrictions that the local economy and industries had to face and that caused, among others, the cancellation of cruise calls or the paralysis of the Autopista del Mar. Traffic of merchandise – liquid, solid and general merchandise – posted an increase of +4.14%, adding more than 4.3 million tons moved in the January-December period – merchandise (+4.15%), liquid bulk (+23.46%) and solids (+1.08%). Special mention should be made of fresh fish that, despite the good records achieved in November, with an increase that reached +6.25%, has not managed to recover in the accumulated of the year, where it recorded a fall of -6 51% (with the inclusion of floating nurseries). Imports and exports grow The main sectors in the area of ​​influence of Vigo have increased their imports and exports by sea. Thus, both cars and frozen fish and granite – the three main goods of the Port of Vigo by volume – have even surpassed the figures of the previous year. On the other hand, Vigo continues to remain in 2020 as a port highly specialized in general merchandise with high added value. More than 90% of its freight traffic has this characteristic, and with the results of last year it has become the 5th Spanish port exporter-importer of general merchandise, behind Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Algeciras and Bilbao. Similarly, thanks to the production volume of the PSA group factory in Balaídos and despite the pandemic, the historical record for vehicle exports has been broken and this year the Port of Vigo, together with the Valencia terminal, will position itself at the head of the Spanish port system in relation to this traffic. For its part, the food sector has not only weathered this crisis well, but has seen its traffic increase by almost 200,000 tons, largely due to the new fruit traffic that was established at the beginning of the year. A good year for container traffic 2020 has been an especially good year for container traffic, especially for those moved through the Guixar Terminal, which increased by +12.36%. Furthermore, the Port of Vigo broke a historical record for containerized merchandise, exceeding 2.7 million tons, which represents more than 64% of the total merchandise. All this has caused the total of TEUS moved during 2020 in the Port of Vigo as a whole to rise by +5.67%, while the goods moved by container, both Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo, rose by +4.54% . Among the most outstanding merchandise during the past fiscal year, the following stand out: fruits, vegetables and legumes (+955.88%); food (+59.06%); the elaborated granite (+11.30%); canned goods (+7.78%); automobiles (+3.96%); raw granite (+3.27%); frozen fish (+1.16%) and cement (+1.08%), among others. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo (APV – Port Authority of Vigo) Copyright (C) PortSEurope. All Rights Reserved. 2021.

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