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Port Of Malaga Joins ‘Docks The Future’

Port of Malaga joins ‘Docks the Future’

Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Málaga (APM - Port Authority of Málaga)
The Port Authority of Malaga adheres to the European project ‘Docks the Future’ , which aims to define the vision of the ports of the future in 2030. This European Network of Excellence brings together the most innovative port areas with a special interest in contributing to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN – April 29, 2021 Joining this working group, as a result of the
Port Authority’s commitment to the development of a sustainable activity through innovation, will be an opportunity to learn about the international financing programs established by the Green Pact of the European Union , among others. initiatives, focused on different areas of the sector. The Network of Excellence will focus on energy efficiency; the use of alternative fuels; sustainable and resilient transport; emerging technologies and digitization throughout the logistics chain; cybersecurity; innovative financing tools; multimodal transport; port-city relationship and circular economy. This international networking proposal, in which Malaga participates as the first Andalusian port together with the ports of Barcelona, ​​Gijón and the Valenciaport Foundation, has a proactive role in the development of ideas and initiatives that promote the overcoming of the challenges corresponding to the industry of today and tomorrow, enriching the dialogue with other organizations: European technology platforms, international associations and maritime clusters. About the ‘Docks the Future’ project The Executive Agency for Innovation and Networks of the EU (INEA) selected, within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program, the DocksTheFuture project within the challenge ‘Intelligent, ecological and integrated transport’, which includes areas such as aviation, infrastructure, ecological vehicles and ‘ Blue growth ‘. The € 1.2 million, 30-month project started in January 2018. Circle SpA (Italy) has led the group made up of academic partners (the University of Genoa and consulting companies (Institut für Seeverkehrswirtschaft und Logistik – ISL (Bremen, Germany), Magellan (Portugal) and PortExpertise (Belgium). The project has focused on the research necessary to implement new port concepts, new management models, innovative design, engineering, construction and operating technology solutions for full customer satisfaction in future ports. The project proposed to detail the concepts, themes and related objectives of the Port of the Future in 2030, identify the Key Indicators of as well as the monitoring and evaluation to establish the “Roadmap of the Port of the Future in 2030”. One of the main results of the project was the launch, in 2020, of the DocksTheFuture Network of Excellence, to which 20 European ports currently belong. Source: Autoridad Portuaria de Málaga (APM – Port Authority of Málaga)

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